Alex Gray NR2003 Story Description

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Alex Gray NR2003 Story Description

Post by Admin on Fri Aug 25, 2017 8:25 pm

This series is inspired by a big What If Series called One More Spark by Griffdawg. The idea he has is that this whole new timeline from 1987 to Present includes what if these drivers were still alive such as Tim Richmond, Alan Kulwicki, Davey Allison, Dale Earnhardt, Adam Petter, among others. It also includes tracks that never got a spotlight in the Cup series and no Chase, No Gen 5 or 6 cars, and no overtime. Again if you want to see this, PLEASE CHECK OUT HIS CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE! This is his idea and I will be using the cars he has made for 2001, BUT the credit goes to him. Not me.

I've decided to put myself in this scenario and how I would do against some of NASCAR's best and what could've been best. I will run every race and have the focus around my character. I'll try to place a story somewhat in it.


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